gimmedatheaderI am pursuing people. That’s it. That wasn’t always the case though. As a senior in high school my plan was to, graduate college as a computer scientist, get a huge house for my family and friends, purchase a Plymouth Prowler, and breathe easy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I have heard that, if I want God to laugh, tell Him my plans. Well, if I had told Him, I don’t think He would laugh. I believe He’d cheer me on, knowing that I would get exactly what He planned.

I post this for those of you who have pretty big dreams that you haven’t ran by God yet. Matt’s quote may help you specify, redefine, or even make new plans.

quote“More than likely, you’re going to blame God for not giving you something that He never promised you.” –Matt Chandler

I encourage you not to waste years of your life focused on something that was never meant for you. Fortunately, I have learned that my plans change, but my love for people won’t. I am pursuing people. That’s it.

Enjoy Life!

photo credit to Matt Gruber via creationswap