process headerSeveral recent conversations have consisted of the waiting struggle. One of the hardest things to do is wait – especially when you can see or know the end. ‘The Process’ is its name and patience is its game. You see, there can be a long time from the beginning of a dream to its fulfillment. Something I have learned to do is, enjoy the ride.

Years ago, I worked at Pike Nursery. I was the department head for the loading department. One day, a man drove into the loading zone in a very nice car. I don’t know how the conversation started, but what I remember most is this comment.

quote“Pay now, so you can play later.”

In essence, sacrificing now will allow you to enjoy the fruit of your labor in later years. I took as, I get to retire sooner if I work hard and steward my finances well. So I leave you with this. Enjoy the process. Though it may last for a while, you must go through it. When you get through it, you can look back and know that it was worth it.

Enjoy life!