noah headerI am so impressed by the movie NOAH. It is so good! My wife and I had been patiently awaiting its release, since we saw the trailer at Catalyst last October. We were not disappointed. Its messages of love, hope, patience, inner-struggle, fear, wisdom, perseverance, hard work, family, temptation, joy, and more ‘flood’ the audience. Well, they could. As with most things, perception and perspective determine what you get out of things.

Sometimes, my wife will know that something tastes disgusting before she takes a bite. She has proven herself wrong on several occasions. We all do it — judge books by the cover, people by their appearance, movies, by critics, and the list goes on. After listening to and reading the comments of positive and negative critics, I am reminded of something Bishop Dale C. Bronner shared years ago:

quoteThere are only three opinions that matter:

  1. Your opinion of God.
  2. God’s opinion of you.
  3. Your opinion of you.

I encourage you, in all areas of life, to focus on those. In the end (and even now), those are the opinions that matter. I hope you enjoy Noah, and future movies!

Enjoy Life!