play headerSports can be contagious. Years ago, I used to watch MLB, NFL, and NBA religiously. Now I just tune in when playoffs begin – and even then I rarely watch the games. But, if you’re an athlete, you know that watching and playing don’t compare. There’s something dramatically different about using the gear you’ve put on. I have no idea what it’s like to play professionally.
Every once in a while, I get to play basketball or shoot pool with people, but that’s about it. But even with those things, I would rather play than watch any day. I want to encourage you to get out there. Do something. If you have an itch, scratch it! Whatever your passion is, please go for it. Don’t sit on the bench, sidelines, or the couch. Get involved! The world needs you. I leave you with this quote:
quote“Spectating never compares with the thrills and chills of being in the middle of the action.”
Enjoy Life!