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My daughter, Eden, is my second favorite person in the world – second to my wife (duh). She asked me to paint her nails again, so of course I did. Now for those who have taken on this task, I applaud you. Painting nails is already a challenge, but to paint a child’s nails takes that challenge up a notch. You see, most adults can keep their hands steady while they or someone else paints there nails. But little girls, especially my little girl, are a different story.

Eden is a ball of joy. She can’t keep still – in a good way. So adding the joy of getting her nails painted to her already exuberant state is a recipe for messiness. Oh how I look forward to getting messy with her. The painting, removing, and painting again and again is worth the quality time I get with her. The next day, she asks for a new color. I did not agree to her request. We enjoyed playing all over the house instead. Saying no meant saying yes to more fun.

Always say yes to more fun.

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Enjoy Life!