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So my daughter Eden became five years old today. We have endured the months of “When is my birthday?” and now the time is here. Finally. It always cracked me up when we would celebrate someone else’s birthday, and she would immediately ask, “When is my birthday?” again. Twas so hilarious. We would always ask her the same question, but that did not stop her from asking us again and again. I love our little one so much.

Well today is the day. The celebration started last weekend with a party of close family, but today will be the real celebration. I can just tell the actual day matters more to her. She awoke and asked, “Are you gonna tell me Happy Birthday?” To which I responded in typical Dexter fashion. You would have thought I won some enormous prize! I went bananas loving on her. She grinned and has not stopped. She knows that today is filled with what she asked for.

After school, we will head to Tiny Towne. She experienced it for the first time a few months ago and has not stopped asking to return. Afterwards, we are taking her to a hibachi restaurant. She really enjoys the chefs, but I think she is more interested in the ginger salad. I cannot wait to pick her up soon. The conversations these days are splendid. I recently asked her about her favorites.

Eden’s Current Favorites
Friend: Taryn
Food: Candy. I told her that wasn’t a food, so she went on to mention broccoli, chicken, and carrots.
Color: Orange

Her favorite color started at pink, then green and now ORANGE! When I asked why orange, she said it was because she knew I liked it (not to mention there are orange items all over the house). Wow! What an impact! It really blessed me to hear her say that. I got to teach her that we celebrate her birth because God thought she was special enough to create. That leads into one of the three basic truths taught in her preschool class during weekend services – GOD MADE ME. Boom! There you have orange – where yellow (Church) and red (home) work together (orange) to train our champions.

Last Friday, I attended my second Orange Tour. Check here to join a tour stop. I was fortunate to nurture established relationships as well as make new ones. It was so fun being introduced to so many people that love impacting others. I can’t wait to see what God does as we continue working together. The experience was a memorable one. My biggest takeaway was from Randy Gravitt.

C – Choose courage over comfort.
H – Have the right heart.
A – Anticipate an adventure.
N – Negotiate as necessary.
G – Grieve what you leave.
E – Engage with the next stage.

There are so many changes happening around the world right now. These six principles can help us navigate them positively. I hope they help you as things change in your life. There are 12 more Orange Tour stops. I encourage you to make one!

Orange Tour 2015 Preview from Orange on Vimeo.

Enjoy Life!

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