The Influence You Never Knew You Had

Nov 19, 2015 | Business, Family, Inspired by..., People, Quick Thoughts, The Lessons

As few days ago, my friend Blaine texted me asking if I had any ideas as to how he could start using his spiritual gifts. He shared that his gifts were encouragement, pastoring, hospitality and leadership. What immediately came to mind were how he could use his gifts of encouragement and hospitality. I responded by texting the following:


ENCOURAGEMENT: Write & mail real letters to those who have meant the most to you.
HOSPITALITY: Take pumpkin pie or something else to your neighbors and introduce yourselves.

The thought of pumpkin pie came to mind because he and his wife just blessed me with a slice, a few days prior. Twas very yummy. (Feel free to offer me dessert anytime.)

Days later, he shared with me how composing one of the letters was going. He was so enthused that he could not stop writing. You see, he decided to write to Daniel – a mutual friend. As he wrote, more and more thoughts flooded his mind about their relationship. He recalled conversations they had where Daniel shared of how influential Blaine was to him. Blaine said, “No. You have influenced me.” Daniel had no idea that while he was being mentored, he was mentoring as well.

That brings me to you. Your existence matters. You have influence you never knew you had. Someone is being dramatically impacted by you right now. Even as you read this, things you have said and done are making an impact on someone else. Your influence is powerful. Steward it well.

Enjoy life!

photo credit: Mentoring at the Hive via photopin (license)


  1. Reggie A II

    Awesome Bro! You have both inspired and influenced me through the years! Thanks for letting The Light continually shine through you!

    -Brother Reggie

  2. Justin Brew

    Dex! After talking to you last night I was excited to read this post this morning! I was highly encouraged by this post, and have been encouraged by your life over the last 3 years! I will think of some practical ways to use my gifts as I move forward in this next season of life. Keep loving Christ and ENJOYING LIFE!!

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