Where You Shouldn’t Be

Jan 1, 2016 | Inspired by..., People, Quick Thoughts, The Lessons

Tis a new year and some of us have made new goals and plans. We know where we are going and hope these goals will help us get there. Some of those plans are based on our passions, but others may be based on comparison. That is where we shouldn’t be.

The comparison game is the oldest in the book – like literally. Tis in the bible that satan compares himself to God and thinks that he will be Him. After his epic fail, he then uses the comparison game to trick Eve and Adam. He was successful then and continues to fool us every now and then. Have you been tricked by the comparison game?

I know I have. My old credit card statements would prove that. I used to spend hundreds on clothing at the outlets every month. I thank God that I have finally tasting debt freedom, but comparing myself to others led to unnecessary debt.

Maybe you have experienced similar woes due to wanting to be in someone else’s shoes. Like the photo above, you may look around and feel inferior. You may think the grass is greener elsewhere. Thinking you should be in someone else’s clothing, body, car, house, career, relationship, marriage and lifestyle is a dangerous road. Let me give you some good news. You are right where you should be.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be an original, not a copy.

Enjoy life!

photo credit: Maize under conservation agriculture in contrast with conventional methods via photopin (license)


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