INSIDE OUT: 5 Steps to Making Core Memories

Jan 30, 2016 | Entertainment, Inspired by..., Quick Thoughts, TV/Movies

INSIDE OUT: 5 Steps to Making Core Memories

Making forts in the woods, church retreats, landscaping with my grandparents, playing in the marching band and the list goes on and on. These are some great memories that I will never forget. Summers in Daytona Beach, FL, my daughter’s birth, family ups and downs, leadership conferences, deaths, achievements and more. These are some of my core memories. inside out Disney Pixar’s Inside Out does a remarkable job of illustrating what core memories are and how they affect us. If you have not seen it yet, please do yourself a favor. I cried the first and second times I watched it and almost do the same every time I watch it again. When core memories were introduced in the movie, I was reminded of the challenge I gave to my family and staff two years ago (2014). I wrote about it in a post entitled, Making Milestones Matter. These core memories or milestones are what make us us. You are who you are because some pretty dramatically influential events happened to you. It could have been an unexpected tragedy or a monumental accomplishment, but it has fastened itself to you. Those things have happened. It is what it is. But let’s take the spotlight off of ourselves for a moment. What can you do now to make a significant core memory in the life of someone else? I really enjoy hearing when others tell me that they are where they are because someone chose to intentionally invest in them. Mentors make a tremendous impact – whether for a day or for a lifetime. I challenge you to start today. Go now! Just kidding. Though I often try to make core memories on the spot, the ones I plan usually turn out better. I want you to get out there and change lives, but a plan is what makes the core memory intentional or purposeful. Here are some tips to get you going.

  1. THINK: Take time out of your schedule to think about the individuals you desire to impact.
  2. PICK: Unless you plan to make the moment with a group of people, you must pick one.
  3. INVESTIGATE – Answer questions of their interests to narrow your ideas of how exactly to make the moment momentous.
  4. PLAN – Pick a date, time, event, location, gift, other people to involve, etc.
  5. EXECUTE – No execution, no impact. Just go for it!

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