I don’t recall what year it was, but it happened – the one Christmas that I stayed up through the night and throughout the next day. I have not done that since. Even when I have tried, I must take a nap. So what warranted pulling an overnighter? Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis was the culprit.

This recently music video by Andy Mineo reminded me of that night. ’Tis entertaining and a good message. Click above to take a gander!

This week, my daughter Eden has committed and been permitted to do the same. She wants very badly to stay awake through the night, so my wife and I have decided to oblige her. It is a pretty big deal to Eden, so we plan to do what we can to make it a success. We are not staying awake with her, so we will prepare food and snacks to sustain her. As a five year old, she is not quite ready to make sandwiches without making a huge mess. I am all for messes, but I do not feel like waking up to one.

We are pretty sure that she will crash at some point, but she does not want to hear that. I understand her perspective too. Though “we know” so many things, it is good to take the blinders off and take a leap sometimes. I encourage you to take a risk and expose yourself to new adventures as well.

Enjoy Life!