My wife is not better than yours, she is just better than I could have ever asked. You see, she loves me. She reminds me of how great I am. She affirms my strengths and knows they far outweigh my weaknesses. Yes. My list of shortcomings is not short, but she refuses to let it define me. She sees me as the fearfully and wonderfully made creation that helps to complete her. She motivates me. I married up. Though she is an incredible leader, she submits to my leadership. She lets me annoy her and smiles when I do.

We still hold hands even though I make her palms sweat. She makes this early-to-bed man want to stay up later with her night-owl nature. As an introvert, she suffers because I am the top-tier extrovert. She suffers even more because our daughter is my twin. She loves us. I fulfilled her dreams in so many ways and vice versa. She shows me characteristics of Jesus. She makes me laugh. She believes in me. She sits up close at the movies, though she prefers to sit further back. She says slang words for me when she prefers not to. She encourages me to pursue my dreams. She embraces my family. She is extraordinary. She serves me. She inspires me. She makes me feel like Superman. She is mine.

I thank God for such a special gift. I will cherish her forever.

If she has impacted your life, please comment below.

Enjoy Life!

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  1. Sybil

    I am sooo happy for you and soooo blessed that God chose her for you. She’s your soul mate. May He continue to be your guide as you both complete one another.????