THE SUPER SHIRT: Get Yours Today
He walked in with a new shirt. Why? Because it gave perspective. Through this new shirt, parenting became more clear. It was like looking through a magnifying glass. No longer did he just see his kids, he began to know them. He is able to witness their interests, habits, characteristics, behaviors, quirks and beliefs in a new way. Now, conversations and interactions would be on a more intimate level. Because of this new shirt, he feels like a new man. This new shirt makes him feel so good that he bought another. This way he can wear them more often.

There are millions of these shirts around the world. The first is usually free of charge. Unfortunately, only a few choose to wear them. It’s no one’s fault. Maybe it has never crossed your mind or maybe the opportunity was never presented to you. Well, I want to do just that! Depending on the provider, you only have to do one of two things:

1. Sign Up
2. Show Up

It is that simple. After that, it’s up to you what you get out of the experience. Your investment determines your outcome.

So where do you sign up and show up? Where do you get your super shirt? Wherever your children are! Whether their school, soccer team, children’s or youth ministry or summer camp, get involved. You will be so glad you did.


One of the best ways to get tons of wisdom in a couple days is to attend the Orange Conference. If you watched the video above, you can already see how beneficial it can be. I will definitely be there.

“I will always be a better parent because I have a glimpse into their world.” So many parents have shared that sentiment with me because they served with their children or invested into the activity in which their children were involved. Give it a try!

Enjoy Life!