You Are Stronger Than You Think

Jun 7, 2016 | General, The Lessons

You Are Stronger Than You Think

He slid it just slightly to see how heavy it was and realized, there’s no way I can lift this TV onto the bed of the truck. You know – one of those very old, antique TVs that sits on the floor with dials. Depending on your age, you may have no idea what I am talking about. There was not a remote, nor HDMI capabilities for this thing. That’s what sat in the living room of my wife’s grandma’s house.



While in Tacoma, Washington earlier this year, I was taking a load of things to the city dump, so I needed to get the TV into the bed of the truck. Since I couldn’t lift it myself, I planned to enlist the help of the guys and gal coming the next day to pick up the furniture. When I realized that waiting could possibly make me miss my flight, I decided to go for it.

I knew I could get the TV to the garage without hurting myself, so I started with that. ‘Twas as I suspected. A lift here and a scoot there, I successfully moved it to the garage. By this time, I felt like Superman. You know how you feel stronger sometimes after working out? Like you could wrestle anyone and win? Ha! That’s how I felt. So I went for it. I took a deep breath, bent my knees and lifted the TV like it was nothing! ‘Twas then that I knew I have to write this post with this title.

Why do we doubt ourselves when God and others have told us that we are capable of doing so much?

Stop now. No more doubting. Go and pick up that TV! If you need help, leave a comment below.

Enjoy Life!


  1. Sybil

    Great job!

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