Jun 9, 2016 | Quick Thoughts

What Are You Creating?

Six weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with someone that inspires me. He had just made yet another accomplishment and I could not wait to glean from him. As soon as I heard of what he had recently accomplished I wanted to reach out and converse with him, but I knew he was preparing for the big event. So I waited.

But now I was at the big event. At a private lunch, he sees me from across the room and comes to sit next to me. I smile and tell him how proud I was to hear of what he had been up to lately. He gives me the back story and we continue catching up. Finally, I let him know how much he inspires me and that I would love to learn from him. Then, he lays it on me. He asks, “What are you creating?”

I was able to share with him the few things I’m working on, but internally I had an epiphany. I need to complete! You see, I have things that I am working on, but nothing that is fully complete. Can you relate? Do you have ideas that have yet to be produced? Well, the lunch meeting started, so we did not have the time to continue the conversation. But in that one question, I had enough to fuel me.

Since then I have been creating. None of my projects are easy, so they may take some time. But I’m excited to be creating with more enthusiasm and vigor. I even had lunch with a new friend yesterday and my passion was even more elevated. My goal now is to complete something.

It’s funny. I tell people all the time that the time to be ready is not the time to get ready. Some people with the ability to help you are looking for something that you have actually completed or is close to completion. It’s time for me to turn up the temperature on my own advice. Let’s go!

I leave you with two questions until next time:

What are you creating?

Who are you talking to that inspires you?

The big event mentioned above is the Orange Conference. Every year I get to attend and am never disappointed. Developing relationships like these and soaking up so much in an environment where everyone is passionate about families is priceless. Find a gathering specific to your niche and start building relationships. You will be glad you did. See my previous post entitled, OC16: Monday Is Here And I Am Still Celebrating to read my thoughts on this year’s Orange Conference. Experience it in a city near you soon.


Enjoy Life!


  1. Leslie McNair

    Yes, Dexter! Thank you. I needed to hear this today! Like you, I have started much, but completed little. This summer I will put checks in some of those boxes.

    • Dexter Culbreath

      Yay! I am glad this motivated you. I look forward to seeing what you create. Let me know if you need help.

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