GSU: I Am Back!

Aug 22, 2016 | Events, Inspired by...

GSU: I Am Back!

Today, I begin a new journey at Georgia State University. That’s right! After more than 15 years, I am returning to school. I am so excited. Tis one more step towards my goals. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

Why Return?
Avery graduationSeveral months ago, I heard that my brother was at the top of his class. This inspired me to go back to school as he did. Then, a few months later, my cousin graduated from high school. The thrill of his accomplishment was written all over his face. Seeing his joy further inspired me. Yes, I want to finish school but my goal has a much greater purpose.


This is a phrase that has been when me for as long as I can remember. Fortunately, I have great people around me to remind me that I am already changing the world. If you are reading this, thank you to all of you.

What Am I Studying?
As I venture to continue impacting the lives of families everywhere, I believe that growing in my understanding of public policy will help me be most effective. I definitely don’t know what it all looks like, but that is what baby steps are for. Please pray as I embark on this trek. I will need it. I am taking four classes on top of everything else I do, but I know it can be done. It will all pay off as well. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped someone else. Here I go!

Enjoy life!

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  1. Tim Walker


    I’m so excited for you! With your leadership abilities, down-to-earth personality, boldness and heart for people, I know you will be an amazing advocate and incredible voice for many. You returning back to school and continuing to pursue your dreams, has inspired me to dig a little deeper within myself and revisit some of the goals I set for myself as a youth. Thank you for that!

    I know that God has his hands upon you and I pray that every plan and purpose He has created you for shall come to pass! I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to all the magnificent ways that God will use you bro!

    Go Get Em’ Dex! 🙂

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