There Is No One More Important Than The Person Next To You

Feb 8, 2017 | General, Inspired by..., People, Quick Thoughts, The Lessons

There Is No One More Important Than The Person Next To You

So it has been 30 days. I have been the Director of Community Development with Love Beyond Walls for 30 days. Usually time flies, but not this time. My boss and I keep giggling at how much has happened in this short amount of time. I have already had 13 meetings, 4 events and a retreat. It may seem like a lot, but I feel like I have been prepared for this. I have the pleasure of meeting with people, and that has always been my most favorite thing ever! I love people!

There’s no one more important than the person next to you. That is something I have believed for a while now. But it resonates very strongly in my heart right now. I get to meet so many people everyday and focusing on them is a priority of mine. It always blesses me when they share of how rare it is that people genuinely engage them. Whether a business partnership or someone experiencing homelessness, they deserve my full attention.

Have you ever felt like a transaction? Have you felt as if the person you are interacting with cannot wait for you to move on? It can feel like you are at the register checking out and after you pay the cashier yells “Next!”

I have been that cashier and the customer. Ouch. Whether intentional or not, it is not fun to be ignored. I guess it can depend though. Some people could care less and be glad no one asked what their name was nor how they were doing. I know a few people like that. However, I am more sensitive.  I like to be noticed and make sure others are as well.

Given the degree of worry, rage, violence, disappointment, sorrow, frustration and stress around the world, there is a pretty good chance that someone around you needs to be cheered up. I encourage you to prioritize those in front of you. It does not take much. A smile, “Hello,” “How are you?” or conversation can change the course of someone’s day or better yet – their life.

So go for it. Make someone’s day. You may even make your own.

Enjoy Life!


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