How I Became The Advice Guy

Feb 13, 2017 | Events, Inspired by...

How I Became The Advice Guy

It blows my mind what has happened throughout my life. Lately, I realize that I have been set up. Yes, I have been framed. I have done nothing wrong, yet the evidence points to me. What a plot!

Seriously though, I can see now how God has set me up from the very beginning. For as long as I can remember, people have come to me for advice. I have been the matchmaker, mentor, advisor, relationship counselor, business & ministry consultant, life coach and parenting guide.

Looking back, I remember sitting around older people and absorbing their wisdom. Not only did I gain a lot of wisdom, I also learned from their failures. I bet you can remember something you experienced that made you say, “I won’t do that when I’m older.” I am sure my daughter already has a few instances like that that she can recall.

I have learned from so many people. My grandfather and grandmother taught me the value of family. Mentors have given me books to read over the years – which have been a tremendous help. Preachers have mentored me from pulpits. Orators have instructed me from various platforms. Boy have I been groomed for so long. Now I find myself as the advice guy.

It’s funny that I have always been this guy, but I’m only realizing it now. God has made me a magnet on purpose. So many people have left me in awe when they share about the impact I have made on their lives. I thank God for using me to serve others.

Many of you know me through my experience in ministry and working with families. Though most of that can be attributed to my upbringing, the most recent wisdom I have learned has come from the Orange family. As you may know, I have a tremendous passion to see healthier families. Many families are in turmoil and others just need a boost to keep up the good work. I look forward to continuing to help families across the board.

One of the ways I invest in myself and my family is by attending the Orange Conference. This conference inspires me every year because of the level of expertise that is put into the content.

The Orange family invests so much time and energy into the preparation of this conference so that we can be so much more than great parents and ministries. Their research aims to help us have expertise. I love how the Phase initiative has blossomed. Diving deeper into age-specific study to learn the nuances between babies and high school seniors, takes their strategy to the next level.

If you’re looking to grow yourself and help others in the process, attend the Orange Conference this year! You will not regret it.

Enjoy Life!


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