EXPOSURE: Still My Favorite

Gross became delicious and it changed everything. I picked it up, put it in my mouth, and my eyes widened. I could not believe the delicious flavor erupting from such a skeevy piece of food. Now I am willing to try almost anything. This weird, raw mixed with barely-cooked, combination of ingredients really impressed me. I did not realize that this cylindrical morsel, called a sushi roll, could be so yummy.

That’s what ignorance does. It puts periods where question marks should be. Ignorance chooses to place a definition on something of which we have no clue. We can be so close-minded at times.

I missed so many delicious foods for years because I assumed they were disgusting. I have enjoyed sushi ever since I tried it. The same is true for avocados and v-neck t-shirts. The green goop called guacamole grossed me out when I looked at it, and v-necks just looked wrong. I thought I would never try either of those.

I don’t recall what circumstances finally convinced me to try any of those things, but I am grateful someone exposed me to them. It takes that sometimes – someone to show us.

Exposure presents us with new ideas or challenges our perspective of existing ones. Our being exposed to different things is what makes us feel and think the way we do. It also affects our decision-making, determines our prejudices, and develops our convictions.

I enjoy being exposed to new experiences as well as exposing others to them. Obviously, we become more well-rounded individuals, but more importantly we also become more understanding.

I once heard someone say, “You don’t know what someone is going through or has been through.” That is so true until we choose to change that by getting to know them. Getting to know people is my favorite type of exposure. It is an opportunity for me to see beyond my scope. It also presents the opportunity for exposure.

Exposing people to different experiences is one thing, but exposing more intently makes all the difference. As we become more in tune with each other, we are able to introduce each other to things more specific to our journey.

It is always a pleasure of mine to expose people to the joy of swinging clubs at TopGolf. But if I discover your interest in motors and lack of exposure in that area, it would be more advantageous to visit car shows or take a road trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Not only will your knowledge-base develop, I gain greater insight into your world.

I could give more examples, but I think you get the idea. As we journey through life next to so many people with different likes, dislikes, backgrounds, cultures, preferences, views, etc, let’s expose and be exposed. Let’s open our minds and hearts to give and receive from each other.

We will be all the better for it! Until next time…

Speaking of Exposure

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