EXPOSURE: Still My Favorite

EXPOSURE: Still My Favorite Gross became delicious and it changed everything. I picked it up, put it in my mouth, and my eyes widened. I could not believe the delicious flavor erupting from such a skeevy piece of food. Now I am willing to try almost anything. This...
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On & Off The Market in Five Days

On & Off The Market in Five Days So we put our condo on the market and received a cash offer fives days later. This was in the winter when the market was frozen – see what I did there? Every showing, we received the same response, “It really shows well.” This...
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For Our Neighbors

For Our Neighbors Within this busy hub called Atlanta, it is rare that I find people who know their neighbors. Yeah, we know that someone lives there. They have a red car and a dog, but nothing beyond that. Who knows if they are a retail manager or a software...
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How I Became The Advice Guy

It blows my mind what has happened throughout my life. Lately, I realize that I have been set up. Yes, I have been framed. I have done nothing wrong, yet the evidence points to me. What a plot! Seriously though, I can see now how…

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OC16: Monday Is Here And I Am Still Celebrating

OC16: Monday Is Here and I Am Still Celebrating Year after year, the Orange Conference never ceases to amaze me. I have attended many times as a church staff member, but this was my first as a homemaker and stay-at-home dad. With this new lens, I approached the...

Gods of Egypt

Who says you can’t?! They?! Who is they?! There are so many naysayers these days that it saddens me. With all of the miracles, breakthroughs in technology and constant innovation, I don’t understand why so many people don’t believe in

Five Ways to Prioritize Parents

After a twelve minute commute from home, I turn into the lot to find a parking spot. I don’t find my favorite spot, but the one I find works. I open the door to my car, exit, then head to the door. The time is 3:23pm, so the bell will ring in two minutes. It is one of my favorite moments of the day. I get to …

THE SUPER SHIRT: Get Yours Today

He walked in with a new shirt. Why? Because it gave perspective. Through this new shirt, parenting became more clear. It was like looking through a magnifying glass. No longer did he just see his kids, he began to know them.


VALENTINE: I Love You So My wife is not better than yours, she is just better than I could have ever asked. You see, she loves me. She reminds me of how great I am. She affirms my strengths and knows they far outweigh my weaknesses. Yes. My list of shortcomings is not...

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